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It was one of the main reasons project got shut down: we bit WAY more then we were able to chew Contact me : akaburfake2 yahoo. And I must say i regret voting for "Charge the beast" action. Although we did not know what the hell we were doing, and sometimes we would hit the target, other times we would miss miserably, and even looking back now, I am not sure how we could have made it any differently I certainly did not expect that.

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First of all I must vote against any sex related activities.

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So much happened, Swabie needs medical attention and god only knows what kind of bacteria could thrive in that hot spring. What's your blog's address? Although I will miss your comments ; And I might take you on that lead sharpener for mechanical pens proposal : It's relatively cheap, and Since Denmark is not so far from Saint Petersburg, if you send it by post I probably will get it in few days. Thankfully mine is working fine, and probably will be working well for a long time, but when, sometime in the future you will feel up for it - just contact me ; And I just found it on amazon.

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