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And that credibility is absolutely needed. Kelly lost her mother before reaching her teens. With no consensus among tech companies and social media platforms over how to host educational portrayals of and discussions about sex, openness around the topic is becoming harder to accomplish even as the world becomes more connected. This has caused a schism in the world of sex education, with trained educators voicing skepticism of self-described experts who may be more eager for followers and sponsorships than for bringing the next revolution. With her wide green eyes, cherubic face and soft voice, she may be easy to underestimate. I needed stories across the board.

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When most Americans think of sex education, they often picture a gym teacher listlessly pointing to parts of the reproductive system on a whiteboard.

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Gemma. Age: 25.
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Two months prior, sex-ed site o. I needed stories across the board. But after a few minutes of talking with her, it becomes clear how she has built a legion of young followers who see her as a reassuring voice amid a confusing, hormone-laden minefield.

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