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You've been painting for a few years, have shown work in a group show at the local art center, and maybe you have even sold a painting or two. Distinguishing amateur from professional artists is tricky business. It is not just a matter of your ability to create nice paintings.

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The statue was last restored just 15 years earlier, and many people are trying to understand why the statue was restored again. A Spanish restoration artist has defended her decision to re-paint a 15th-century sculpture of Mary, Saint Anne, and baby Jesus in neon colors after images of the statue sparked shock online. She used neon-colored paint restore the wooden statue, which had originally been left unpainted.

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Is your art portfolio holding you back? It may not seem like it, but a few common blunders can actually make the difference between looking like an amateur and a professional artist. And, you probably already know that a professional artist is bound to get more business from their art.

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Art is for anyone. I know this viscerally, as a would-be artist who burned out. How do you get from there to making real art, great art? Most of them were simply gleaned from looking at art, then looking some more.

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Another botched restoration effort claimed an innocent religious relic. Like in the case of the failed Jesus fresco and Tintin St. Georgean overzealous "artist" believed that she could restore a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.

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What is Artmajeur? Artmajeur is a marketplace that links artists directly with buyers. Artmajeur is aimed at all artists amateurs and professionalsart galleries and art lovers.

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See the profile and artworks of artists who are talented and waiting to be discovered. This section also includes amateur and hobby artists who may be pursuing some other profession but are passionate about their art practice. Prices mentioned for available artworks.

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Michael Minkoff April 19, Resources for Artists 0 comments. These days, calling someone amateur is an insult. But I want to rescue the label amateur from its current dishonor. We need more of the amateur spirit, not less.

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I have been following a discussion on Linked In about the diifference between amateur artists and professionals. Thought I'd throw in my two cents worth. To describe an artist as a professional or as an amateur is not necessarily making a judgement about the quality of their art.

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The man hit the legendary performance artist over the head with his portrait at an exhibition opening in Florence. A man — reportedly a year-old Czech national — struck the performance artist over the head with a painting of her he had made himself. The canvas had been framed in wood without a glass panel.


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