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Every year children across the world eagerly await the arrival of that jolly fat, red man Santa Claus. But is he real? Well, in a way, yes he is.

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Think about it: An old man in a red, fur-trimmed suit sneaks into your home and leaves presents for children. Like, that is weird, right? Santa Claus is one of those cultural touchstones so embedded in our holiday practice that we rarely ask the question, " Where did the story of Santa Claus come from?

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The story of a 5-year-old boy dying in the arms of Santa Claus in a Tennessee hospital may have broken millions of hearts this week — but was it all made up? The newspaper that first reported the story is now backing off the account. In its original story, which was published on December 11, Eric Schmitt-Matzen had described being called to the hospital room of a little boy suffering from cancer.

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Mary first started wanting to blow santa Claus last Christmas Eve. She had gotten out of bed to get a drink of water from the bathroom and heard muffled noises downstairs, like someone mumbling. A light was on in the living room. And there, as plain as day, stood Santa Claus… with his full white beard, red hat, red coat, red pants, and black boots.

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A convicted child sex offender admitted Wednesday that he violated probation last December when he played Santa Claus at a party attended by children. Taylor Blaul, 33, of Crystal Lake, pleaded guilty in to aggravated criminal sexual abuse after authorities said he abused a boy on four occasions over the course of several months, including once at a water park in Woodstock. Blaul was sentenced to four months in jail and three years probation.

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Kids all around the world send letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole to ask for presents in exchange for good behavior. But how did the myth of the North Pole come to be? Saint Nicholas had strong beliefs in the principles of Christianity and an affinity for giving gifts.

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Because at seven, that's marginal, right? Like most parents, I will be spending the run up to Christmas trying to clear work commitments, balancing the budget and braving the supermarket. Who has time to worry about Father Christmas?

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By Dean Balsamini. The Fort Wayne, Ind. Claus yet. Votaw, who lives in Inwood, last year became inspired to become the magical holiday persona after tiring of depressing daily news reports of mass shootings and men behaving badly.

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Claus outfits to entertain children at their local mall. Although they spend the rest of the year working more traditional jobs he owns and operates a trucking company, she's a teacher's aide for students with special needsthe festivities don't stop the morning after Christmas. They told Cosmopolitan.

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Registered sex offender Robert Bruce Kendal, from Orlando, Florida, posted a Craigslist ad of him in a Santa suit with a child sitting on his lap to advertise his service. Robert Bruce Kendal, from Orlando, Florida, was busted by the police after they received an anonymous tip off led officers to his Craigslist ad. Pictures of him on the ad showed him in a Santa costume, with a child sitting on his lap in one image. Kendal advertised himself as a Santa Claus-for-hire for appearances at Christmas events and parties.


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