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What's the difference between Ja Rule and chicken? Ja Rule has been roasted more times, and people actually like chicken. After all the Fyre festival controversy, the beef with Eminem and 50 Cent, and just about anything else this man does, Ja Rule is still finding new ways to get himself roasted.

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He took a hiatus in which culminated in prison stint for a number of crimes including drug possession and tax evasion. Now Ja Rule has rattled off a series of homophobic insults directed at fellow rapper 50 Cent, reviving a longtime feud between the two artists. The message came in response to the suicide of year-old Tyler Clementia closeted student who was clandestinely filmed by his roommate having sex with another man.

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Or is God don't feel like bein' bothered with? So hard to hit me, but this life I sacrifice Fuck chrome lines in the dark, my daughter gon' see the light If I die young it's cuz a nigga too high strung Got a scary love for guns but too much weed in my lungs Still niggaz screamin' Ja's the one Chosen like God's only begotten son It's my life. I'm childish, one of a kind, one of my own I'm about to take these freak hoes to levels unknown Touch a little, later on, fuck a little The more resist the better, I'm in it for whatever Feel me, I don't need weed to get high Some good head make a nigga kiss the sky No lie, but if she ain't right, turn the lights off Put her on her stomach and fuck her 'til ya dick soft The rules to the streets, love I met you kinda drunk with a light buzz I respect it cuz niggaz ain't shit, you right Cuz every bitch need a lil' dick in they life I betcha.

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Sign in. An incredibly excited Wesley Snipes gives us a preview of the accent he will employ in Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy. Watch now. When a war threatens a beehive, peace may come from unexpected places.

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Fenn the Troll hates the Troll pastime of pranking, and is teased so much for it that he runs away. But when a long-suffering park ranger starts capturing the other Trolls, it's up to Fenn to rescue his family and friends - without pranking. This title is currently unavailable.

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Will you… suck… dick to fix this water problem? Of course this guy is now fielding several offers for his own TV show. That is the kind of publicity that becoming a viral sensation can give.

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Last update: October Just because you are left sore he thinks he did something. The LOX - All of them are big except for styles. And J Hood is abnormaly fat.

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Great win my streak continues We too were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!! You just jinx yourself talking to the GOD this way

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Jackson Jr. I digged it. I was into it," he said, causing 50 Cent to laugh.


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