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By Guest leongfun, November 10, in global celebrities. November 09, Yesterday, TMZ reported that Cheetah Girls member had "semi clothed" photos of her taken from her laptop.

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Officially, Macy's reps tell the New York Daily News that "scheduling issues" are to blame for the late-in-the-game change. The Girls' itinerary, however, is free and clear for Thanksgiving Day. Publicist Jonathan Jaxson, however, claims the leak was an orchestrated maneuver designed to spice up Bailon's image.

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BobtheFascist : Aren't they all in their early 20's now? There comes a time when you've got to break lose from the Disney grip. FuturePastNow : I have never heard of them as a group or as individuals, but I would appreciate a link to the pics. I second this motion.

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The trio is booked, however, for the day before and day after Turkey Day. Last week, semi-nude photos of Bailon, 25, hit the Internet. They featured her in her bra and nothing else.

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Adrienne Bailonone of the members of the singing group The Cheetah Girlshas issued a public apology dedicated to her fans soon after her racy pictures hit the Internet. The pics that show her wearing only bra and exposing her naked bottom to the camera reportedly are intended to be sent to her boyfriend Rob Kardashian, the younger brother of celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian. Setting the record straight on the circulating nude pics of Adrienne, her spokesman Jonathan Jaxson has issued a statement, explaining, "The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and s

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And one of the few to gets caught up in an extortion plot involving nude photographs of herself meant only to be seen by her boyfriend, Rob Kardashian. According to several reports, several semi-nude photos of Adrienne was stolen from her personal laptop at the JKF airport in late October. Money and laptop were exchanged and that was the end of that….

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If you're not a big fan of all things Disney, you probably have no idea who Adrienne Bailon is, but you're about to find out. Until now, Adrienne's biggest claims to fame have been performing with the popular Disney group The Cheetah Girls and dating Kim Kardashian 's little brother. And like her boyfriend's big sis, Adrienne as one outstanding, bootylicious rump. And what's better, we now have photographic proof of what that posterior looks like unencumbered!


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